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Active China Adventure Travel is the premiere adventure travel company of China.  Active China Travel is now celebrating it's 13th anniversary. Active China Travel offers unique trekking holidays, cycling tours, family trips, and many distinctive, ecologically sensitive journeys throughout Yunnan, Tibet and other parts of China. Our mission is to bring you quality and affordable adventure holidays of a lifetime.


On this biking journey you will experience the extraordinary natural wonder Jade Dragon Mountain and Lijiang-the world heritage town, Tiger Leaping Gorge-the deepest gorge in the world with it's towering walls and dramatic beauty, meander along the majestic Yangzi River. ĦĦ Kawa Karpo, at 6,740m, is today one of the highest unclimbed peaks in the world. This is a pigrimage khora taken by Tibetan Buddhists. Hidden in the foot of Mt. Kawa karpo, Yubeng village is stunningly beautiful and isolated. We will travel through the great river trenches and encounter a few minority villages ĦĦ Visit Forbidden City, take a pedi-cab tour of Beijing's Hutong.Walk on the Great Wall. Visit Terracotta Warriors and take a bicycle ride on Xi'an's Ancient City Wall.
12 days, 8 cycling days    12 days, 5 trekking days    14 days, touring and walking

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