• Cost from US$2600, 13 days, 6 day hiking, 5 day sightseeing

    China for hikers

    ✧Visit China’s capital city, Forbidden City, Temple Of Heaven
    ✧Hiking on Great Wall
    ✧World Famous Terra Cotta Army
    ✧Lijiang world heritage site
    ✧Hiking the third deepest gorge
    ✧Hiking in terraced fields of Longji.
    ✧Cycling and Bamboo raft in beautiful Li river.
  • Cost from US$1600, 11 days, 6 hiking days, 4 sightseeing days

    Yunnan Hiking Tour

    ✧Visit Ancient Cultural City
    ✧Lesser Tian’anmen
    ✧World’s largest terraced fields
    ✧Colorful local markets
    ✧Hiking the third deepest gorge
    ✧Visit Grottoes date back to 1000 years
    ✧Visit world heritage site
  • Cost from US$1600, 11 days, 5 hiking days, 4 sightseeing days

    Kawakarpo Hiking Tour

    ✧Lijaing world heritage old city
    ✧Jade Dragon Mountain
    ✧Shangri_la Sumzanlin Monastery
    ✧Yangtze Valley
    ✧Kawa Karpo Mountain

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