• China Discovery

    Forbidden City, Temple Of Heaven, Great Wall, Terra Cotta Army, Giant Panda, Lijaing world heritage old city, Jade Dragon Mountain, Dali Old City, Shanghai, Suzhou
  • 12 days adventure to the rooftop of the world

    Tibet and Mt. Everest Base Camp

  • An unique tour of the ancient trading route

    Tea Horse Route to Tibet

    Xishuangbanna, tea plantation, Tai minority,  Lijaing world heritage old city, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Haba moutain, Shangri_la, Sumzanlin Monastery, Yangtze Valley, Shaxi tea horse town. Yanjing Salt Flats
  • Experience the best of Northwest China

    The Silk Road

    Xi'an, Terra Cotta Army, Dunhuang, Mogao grottoes, Urumqi, Kashgar bazzar, taklimakan desert, silk road

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